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E-Learning Sites

These sites are education and learning sites.  They ask the learner to login, teach them specific topics, give them tasks to do, mark the tasks, give them a test and finally mark the test.  The results are then fed back to the teacher. They allow the student or teacher to log in and create profiles. When a teacher logs in they see their group and marks from each unit.  They can then delve down to the see the marks per task and finally delve even further to see the marks per individual question or activity.  Often a monthly or yearly subscription is payable which is by direct debit in exchange for using the premium facilities on the site. Some sites do not charge a monthly or yearly fee but have a shop where units can be purchased and some sites have both. These sites allow the tutor or teacher to retrieve a lost username or password without the need to contact you.  They can upload photos or videos into their profile and chat with other members of your education system as a Study Buddy if you permit it.  this system is monitored by you and each individual can be blocked for misuse.  The system has a number of words and phrases which are automatically blocked for safeguarding.  You can expand this list.

Some systems all student can sign up using their school email account or home account if you permit that, but most require schools to submit them the student details and our system then automatically creates the correct accounts for the school.  The education site can include instant messaging, chat rooms, fully email system (to practice emailing safely, that can send alerts to another email address or a mobile phone, tablet, additional webmail or desktop mail. You can have forums, advertising space etc. You can search users, become study buddies and have cloud storage for each student to submit coursework for safe keeping, share good practice or take work home to do homework.  A full homework tracking system is also available.

You can create and set various levels of access (such as moderators, group leaders, mentors., managers, teacher, admin, course leaders etc), each with their own access levels. This is useful when you want to limit what each group of students can study on your educational site as well as hide certain content from a specific group or groups. For example, you may want to limit some functionality of your website to only certain year groups, while year 7 members still get access to basic features.

This is a great way of bringing a group of students together, allow them to support each other and for them to get instant feedback.  It can also be used by any educational or testing company, for example, health and safety, online exams for university, college, exam board or government.  The list just goes on.  Anyone offering a certificated course

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