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Privacy Policy for:-
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Updated March 2018

There are 10 clear Sections to this Web Buster UK Ltd - Privacy Policy.




What personal information do we hold?
This site holds information in categories:-

For Contact Details we hold:-
Your first and last name, FormattedYes, 

For the sites we make for you we, we hold:-
Links and images of all the web site we make for you with hyperlinks to them

For your account with us, we hold:-

To manage your site, we hold:-

Your subscriptions, we hold:-
Your current subscription, Your upgrade options (if any), your downgrade options (if any) and the ability to cancel, with or without penalty depending upon your contract terms and conditions.
Your Messages, hold:-
A list of all the communication and messages to you or from you, via our system.  All message can be seen by our admin, this is not an email system, it is a messaging system, personal data must not be transferred via it.
Gallery, File and Cloud Storage, we hold:-
All the information, images, file and data that you upload onto our network.  You have the ability to decide if the files are private or not.  All files can be seen by our admin so it should not be used for security data material such as bank statements, pins, specific legal documents etc.  It is just a basic platform to upload a file so you can access it from any device.  You do have a storage limit.  Admin staff do not look at files generally but maybe if our system has detected a virus, the file size is abnormal, the extension is not recognised, there is cause for suspicion, it is causing issues with the website, it is a routine checking day.  If a file has to be deleted for a particular reason you will be notified but the file is affecting the site, it will be removed immediately.
You Job List, we hold
A list of jobs you have accepted to do.
Your Contract, we hold:-
Your stats, we hold (models only):-
This section is only required by our models and those in that field.
Orders, we hold:-
A list of orders you have placed, the dates you placed them and the value of the orders along with items purchased and the method of payments.
We do not hold credit or debit card details on our server.  All payments are done via WorldPay.
Deletion of Content, rights
You may request for us to delete your contents and detail from this site, we will do this as long as:-
1) All your payments are completed and your account is closing OR ~
2) Your contract has expired and you are not renewing.  We cannot delete your account while payments are still pending as this will prevent the final payment being processed and if the final payment was not made, we would have no way of contacting you.
How long we hold the information for:-
We will hold the information for as along the client, customer, employee or intern is still under contract.  Once they leave and the account is settled and the contract has ceased the data will be kept for 2 months prior to deletion.  All data will be deleted with the exception of previous accounting details require for accounting purposes.  To close the account an email is sent, they will have the option to be removed from the mailing list and no more emails will be sent.
What we do with your information and what we are planning to do with it;

We hold this information:-

  1. So we contact you
  2. So you can contact us
  3. So you can see the state your account is in and if there are any issues you need to address
  4. So you can access your account ie your username and link to the admin part of the website.
  5. So you know when your renewal is and we can remind you
  6. So you can update your contact details without contacting us
  7. So you can upload content to us, allowing us to update the site.
  8. So you can use the online storage to share documents across the device

We DO NOT share this information with any other company.  We often share it with other departments within Web Buster UK Ltd.  Here are THREE examples:-

Your details are NOT passed on to our other customers but you may receive offers from us, on their behalf.  Here are TWO examples of this:

Exceptions to SECTION 2, sharing information points above, this only applied to our models:-

We do share images, videos, and stats of our models with potential clients in order to get business for the models, this is included in their contract.  Only first name, stats, about me, images and videos that are upload to the models' profile will be used, no other material is used and no other material is shared.  The models have the ability to change the information, images, videos, and photos as often as they like.


What we actually need;

We need to store this information about you so we can contact you easily, you can contact us and we can keep track of your account and payments.  It also allows us to support our customers and update the website.

For models only, we need the additional information to promote them on the website, in person, and via email, these extra details are:-


Whether we are collecting the information we need;

We are only collecting the information we need to allow us to function as a business and serve our customers, clients, and models, that is why when you log in you will only be asked for certain pieces of information.  For example, if you are not a model then you will not have the ability to enter stats etc, if not you won't.  Our site only collects the information necessary for us to fulfill your requirements.  If you are unsure about the information, please contact us:- accounts@webbuster.co.uk and we will explain it.


Whether we are creating new personal information;

From time to time, as legislation changes, we may require further information but it will always be explained why we need this information.  Equally, if there is a time that we no longer require a particular type of information we will also let you know that part of the profile will be deleted as those details are no longer required.  This site does not create new information but the site does add to the information over time.  For example, if you make a purchase or pay a monthly fee, it will generate evidence of this.  An example of evidence is a receipt for your payment.  If you upload images or data and do not restrict access to you only, then your profile will show more to others.  You do have the ability to restrict access to your profile if you wish.  Customer profiles are restricted anyway, models have the ability to be seen for promotional reasons but this can be restricted by the models themselves or upon request.  If you have any concerns, issues or you want us to help you sort your privacy, please email us on:- accounts@webbuster.co.uk we would be very happy to help.


Whether we have multiple data controllers.

Web Buster UK as a company is the data controller.  THREE members of staff are data controllers and all must agree for action to be taken.



The rights of your use of our system

The right to be informed;

You have the right to be informed of any changes to your system and the way we handle data.  There is a specific newsletter called "Customer Rights" and if you subscribe to this you will receive all the changes and any information updates.


The right of access;

You have the right of access to your account.  This is done via our HTTPS access using a Username and Password.  If you forget your password you can use the forgotten password link to reset it to gain access to your account.


The right to rectification;

As you have access to your account, you can update the information as often as you like.  If you find for some reason that you are unable to change a piece of information that you should contact us on:- accounts@webbuster.co.uk and we will sort that change out for you.  You will need to pass security in order for this to happen.


The right to erasure;

You have the right to have your data removed from our server at any time as long as your account is paid up to date and your closing it or your payments are up to date and your contact has ended.  If you have outstanding payments and you do not wish your account to accessed, then we can suspend your account and restrict it while you complete your payments and then delete the account.  If we delete the account prior to you completed the payments, we would not be able to track or take the payments correctly.  Normally, we delete your account 2 months after you have stop contact with us.  All your account details are removed and a confirmation email is sent.  When you receive this email from us, click on the unsubscribe button and you will be removed automatically from any other messages.  This is because you will already be on this mailing for our system to send you a deletion message.  You can also email us:- accounts@webbuster.co.uk and we will remove you manually.


The right to restrict processing;

You have the right to restrict the amount of processing the website does on your account.  You need to be aware that in some cases it will restrict the usage and many automated features which will then become manual  For example, if you stop the processing of the auto-renew message, you will need to be aware of when your website renewal is due.  If you have a problem or question with regards to processing, please contact us at- accounts@webbuster.co.uk


The right to data portability;

We store the data on our server in the United Kingdom.  Our servers are located in England.  All the personal data you supply is stored on these servers.  You can access your data at any time using your username and password. You can also email us on:- accounts@webbuster.co.uk to request information to be changed, that you are unable to do.  We will notify you when this is done and you can then view the changes.  You can also print out your data from the site whenever you wish.  If you are still struggling you can request for us to send you the information via your registered email address within 30 days for free.  If you are constantly asking for the information or we feel it is excessive or unfounded then we may charge.  You can complain if you feel the issues have not been met satisfactorily.  To do this follow the complaints procedure in GREEN at the top of this page.  There is 2 simple step to this procedure.  You have the rights to your data to be portable and accessible from anywhere, please ensure your password is secure and is at least 8 characters long, a mixture of letters, numbers, and symbols.  DO NOT use passwords that you already use for extremely sensitive sites such as banks etc.  You should make sure your secret questions and answers are always up to date and change them regularly.


The right to object;

You have the right to object to actions or procedures our web site uses.  If you have an objection, please email us on accounts@webbuster.co.uk  We will do our best to put your mind at rest and explain why that data is needed.  if you are still not happy, you are welcome not to join the site.


The right not to be subject to automated decision-making including profiling.

You must agree to the terms when you set up a contract with us or when you join the site.  if you are unhappy with any of the terms and conditions then you must let us know on accounts@webbuster.co.uk and we can explain or justify them to put your mind at rest.  If you are still not happy you are welcome not to join the online site.  The only automated process is that of the newsletter upon deletion of your account, in case you need to contact us again.


Your Consent

Our system lets your tick boxes to give consent, but the boxes are NOT pre-ticked, you need to do that yourself.  when joining the website you must accept the terms and conditions first.  When making a  payment you have to agree to the payment terms with one tick box and then the contractual terms with a second tick box.  The contracts are then available when you log in via your profile so you can see what you have agreed to.  You can also print these out.  Our system is very clear and easy to understand, it puts you in control.  Those who are not on fixed-term contracts have the ability to cancel at any time with the click of a button, cancellation charges may apply which will not show on your screen but we will contact you.  It is always best to contact us first if you wish to cancel a contract midway through so we can go through the costs of canceling first.  All our agreements have a 14 days cooling off period with the exception of domain purchases and hosting fee's which once bought are fixed.

Newsletters.  You are not subscribed to any newsletter, apart from the leaving newsletter, when your account closes, you can easily unsubscribe to this using the link at the bottom of the email once you receive your leaving newsletter.  All other emails/newsletters you must subscribe to in order to get access to the newsletter.  You can unsubscribe at any time. Making friends or social network buddies online must be accepted or requested and can be terminated at any time.  Blocking a member can be done at any time as can unblocking.  A report link is always available.


Children under 16

If a child under 16 wishes to access the website, they will need permission from a parent, guardian or be part of a school enrolment form, where a school as consented to the student being enroled etc.  For our web site, permission will come from schools or parents for those who are taught privately.   If a child under the age of 16 wishes to access the site the school will need to complete the CSV form once they have gained permission from the parents of those children that want to sign up.  Web Buster UK Ltd will then hold the CVS document as evidence that authorisation has been granted.  Once the Child reaches 16 years old they will have the ability to authorise themselves.


Un-authorised access and Data Protectioin Impact Policy

Sometimes on a web site, every possible action is taken to prevent secuity issues but even then after an attack, barries can be broken or an update can cause an issue.  In this case, to minimise damage, you must report it immedatly and complete the breach document straight away so we can follow it up and decide if the ICO should be inforrmed or not.  You should not try to cover it up.  In most cases issues can be solved quickly and easily, but they must be documented.  Do not be scared of fines, as long as items are reported issues can be solved.

A DPIP should be written for all web sites as a separate document so it can be referred to during breaches.