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Last Updated:- March 2018

Web Buster UK Ltd - Won "Best Web Design Company in North Yorkshire 2018".

This document is updated regularly.  Visit this page frequently to keep up to date with any new terms and conditions.


  1. Domain fees are not refundable.

Website Design and Build.

  1. The company provides a 14 day ‘cooling-off’ period after your order. During this time the ‘Website Design and Functionality Document’ (WDFD) will be drawn up and agreed unless payment is made online, in which case the specification agreement will already have happened and by making the online payment you are approving this with no need to sign any documentation.
  2. If the client cancels the order within 14 days any deposits for build fees and hosting will be refunded in full within 12 working days except where the company has produced a temporary website to ensure some measure continuity and availability of an existing website. In such circumstance, a fee of £150.00 will be deducted from the refundable amount.
  3. Refunds on deposits will not be given after the ‘cooling-off’ period. If you cancel your order after 14 days you forfeit your deposit and contract stands.  Canceling after this will put in your breach of contract.
  4. If the company is unable to complete the website build to comply with the WDFD within 12 weeks of the date at which it has notified the client that website construction will begin, it will refund any balance payments received from the client which pertain to the website build.
  5. No refunds whatsoever will be considered if:-
    1. You have given the final approval of your web design.
    2. We have notified you that, in our opinion, we have completed the build to comply with the WDFD and you have not contested this in writing with specific instances of non-compliance.
    3. If the company has commenced work on a website conversion project.
    4. If the party for whom the website is being designed for rental closes changes its name or changes its activity.
    5. If the project was cancelled for reason(s) unrelated to the project undertaken with Web Buster UK Ltd.
    6. If you do not communicate with Web Buster UK Ltd for more than 3 weeks following the signing of the design contract or online agreement payment system.
    7. If your website is restricted because you have not completed the GDPR legal documents.  (we do offer support to complete these and create some of them for you for free)

Website Hosting.

  1. Hosting fees are not refundable once the hosting period has begun.
  2. Hosting fees paid in advance of the hosting period may be refunded in full provided the client has given a minimum of 60 days notice of cancellation prior to the commencement of the hosting period, and they are not contractually committed to a certain length of hosting term.
  3. Where the client has selected ‘Auto-Renew’ in their website control panel no refund can be considered.
  4. For domain renewal, if the client has selected ‘Auto-Renew’ in their website control panel no refund can be considered, the client may change the auto-renew at any time but must give 60 days notice for it not to count for next renewal.  In such a case the renewal will take place but will not cease on the following renewal providing the contract does not have further terms to run.