Terms and Conditions for Free Web Site (June 2017 Competition)

  1. The free Web Site competition is open to anyone, even if you already have a web site.
  2. The offer only applies to our £1,299 web site.
  3. You have your own personal web designer.
  4. The chosen site includes an infomercial to promote you company on your web site and social media.
  5. This chosen site includes models, if require, to promote the product or services offered.
  6. This offer covers the construction cost and maintenance cost of the site in year 1 but not the hosting and rental fee, bringing the cost down to £12 a month for 12 months.
  7. You may cancel the site after 1 year or continue.  If you continue you will re-join the current cost, which is currently £40 per month excluding any extra features and includes, domain rental, hosting, maintained, tech support, software updates and 4 web site updates on existing page content.  This price will be fixed for 3 years after year 1, to give piece of mind to the winner.
  8. The web site is owned by us and cannot be moved to any other server.
  9. The web site cannot be worked on by any other web design company.
  10. The domain name cannot be moved to any other server.
  11. There is no cash alternative.
  12. Offer ends 20th June 2017 and you will be informed if you are successful by 10th July 2017.
  13. The web site will be constructed and ready for use by September 2017.
  14. This saves the customer £1,299 and offers 3 years protection on any price increase.