Subscription Policy - As of June 2017

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What is a subscription?

A subscription on this is site is a monthly fee that you pay to obtain premium access to the web site rented by you and to ensure your site is hosted, domain rental, software updated, feature update, email, training and tech support. You are still under a minimum contract of either 1, 2 or 3 years depending upon how long you signed up for at the point of payment.


Please note that this is a way for you to pay for your web site monthly, it does not shorten your chosen term or give you the ability to cancel before the term ends, it purely allows you to split your payments across the year by making monthly payments instead of 1 yearly payment.  All subscription contracts are a minimum of 1 year or a maximum of 3 years. 

Auto-Renew Benefits

If you are on auto-renew you must let us know 2 months prior to renewal if you wish to cancel or you will have to continue for the next 12 month term as we try to get the best deal we can for customers and so require that lead time. Those on Auto-Renew will continue at the current price and will NOT incur any increases in prices.  If this changes will we will inform you via email but our currently policy is NOT to increase charges for auto-renew members.
If you are not on auto-renew we usually contact you before expiry to ask you, and your cost will change to the new rate for the new year.  
Because there is less admin by using Auto-Renew, your following yearly fee is reduced.

If you cancel mid term you must pay the reminder of the full term plus £2 per month and domain charges prior to expiry.  This monthly option only allows you to pay your yearly bill monthly, it does not make the web contract monthly.

Those that sign up for 2 or 3 years will get an additional discount and your price is guaranteed not to change during that term.  After your term expires you can sign up to a new term length to keep your costs down or your cost will return the current price it would be for a 1 year rolling contract.  You can put Auto-renew on so that when your new contract automatically starts, you will automatically receive an additional discount for Auto-renewing as this has reduced the paperwork.  Auto-renew must be switched on 3 months prior to renewal for the discount to be applied.

How much does it cost?

The charge for pay monthly is only £2 per month.  We take your current payment and divide it by 12, then take the domain cost and divide that by 12.  Then £2 is added to cover the payment providers fee.

If you renew your contact at the end of the term we subtract an auto-renew bonus if you are singed up for auto-renew.  lf you do not have Auto-Renew but activate Auto-Renew before the last 3 months, you will get the discount on your next contract.  If you cancel Auto-If you remove Auto-Renew during the term you will not awarded that discount for the next contract unless it is active 3 months prior to renewal.

In addition to this you can save more money paying monthly as our system allows you to sign up for a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 3 years.  The subscription cost therefore varies depending on your web site and the length of time (1 to 3 years) you sign up for.  

Our current policy is that if we increase our prices you will continue to pay the old price for the length remaining on your term, so for example, if you sign up for 3 years then you are protecting yourself for any increases for the entire 3 years.  If you cancel your subscription and then sign up again or miss 2 payments you will join at the new rate.  We will inform you via this page if we decided to change our policy but we have run it this way for over 8 years and see no need to make any changes in the near future as it is fair on both parties.  We like the fact that it rewards those with long standing subscriptions and allows us to get all our customers the best deal.  Upon renewal we will contact you and offer you a new contract of 2-3 years for you to consider at a lower fee or you can just continue with a 1 year minimum rolling contact at the new current rate.

How do I cancel?

If you have Auto-Renew on, you must inform us 2 months prior to your renewal on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via our web site.

To cancel simply go to your profile and click on Subscription, you can then hit the cancel button.  If you have any issues please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and they will talk you through it or cancel it for you.  If you cancel during your term, you will need to pay the reminder of the term plus £2 per outstanding month and the domain fee.  You agree to this when using the monthly payment structure.  If you change Auto-Renew you will lose your bonus discount for the next year.  If you add Auto-Renew you will gain the discount for the next year providing it is on 3 months prior to your expiry.

Can I cancel and resign up whenever I want

Yes but remember you are always in a contract of between 1 to 3 years so whenever you cancel you may have some months to wait until your term ends.  So you are in control of your subscription after your current term ends, but upon renewal you are singed up for an additional 1 year so you would have to pay the remaining months up to the renewal date which is clearly displayed on your account.  If you need to know the date you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or view it on your web buster account file.

What if I cancel and don't pay?

If a site is deleted you will need to pay to have it re-created and all customer data will be lost.  We do this to ensure that all our customers get the best possible deal. We offer ALL our customers a fair deal.  All domains and sites are rented by you and owned by Web Buster UK Ltd who allow you to pay monthly to make it easier.

What if I pay and don't get access?

Simply email us:- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will sort this for you.

Can I have a refund on a subscription?

You cannot have a refund on a subscription as the site has been commissioned, built and is live and you have had your 14 days cooling off period, but you can cancel after your current term instantly, by giving us 2 months notice.

How do I create a subscription?

You can't   You simply need to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will sort it for you.  You will only have access to the plan that is for you.

What if my site stops working or does not work?

If you have any issues, tech support is available from us for FREE.  We will work to fix the problem, all sites are covered by tech support from us.  Tech support is for fixing the current site as is, and is not for creating new pages or adding additional features.  In most cases we fix items in week, but it can take a number of days extra when the matter is very complicated.  We keep a back up of the site and in very rare and extreme cases we will resort to a back up to get your site running.  You should make this clear to your customers in their Terms and Conditions so they cannot come back on you for payment for lost service.  This would be same with every provider.  Web Buster UK Ltd is not help responsible for loss of income, services, customers, business etc from the site being down.  If you require this level of cover you need to use a different web designer.

We will do our best to keep the web site running but we are not held responsible for anything including only downtime, data loss or loss of sales, loss of income, loss of customers, loss of business, loss of reputation or loss of usage, loss of advertising etc (in fact any loss or business damage at all).  We are a small business and our prices reflect this, although we will do our best to get your site up and running again as soon as we can.  Some larger developers will provide this but by going with us, you accept that we do our best to fix the issues but we are not responsible for any loss or funds and will not replace or compensate in any way.  If you need full protection as the site is your main or only course of income you need to use another developer as we do not offer this.

Can I have my site extended?

Yes, we have a web development team who would be glad to add features to your site and additional pages at a discounted cost, as your are an existing customer.  This applies to new sites and extensions to existing sites.

Can I pay for more than one site on once account?

Yes, if you have several sites rented with us, you can pay them all using the same monthly payment.  If you are just having extra pages to an existing site, you will be sent a payment link to pay for those extra pages, but as no extra features were added your monthly fee wont change.  If you want an extra feature installed, it maybe that you are not charged for having it done, but your monthly cost will increase by a few pounds or it maybe that you are charged for installation but no monthly fee is done or it maybe a combination of both.

Will my web software be updated once a year?

Your web software will be updated by us regularly, this can be many times a month.  We like to keep our software up-to-date.  We will deal with all the installation for you, you do not need to worry about this.  We will also take care of the backups for the site and update your additional features.

Site Transfers and Domain

Domains and sites must stay on our site, although you can have other web designer working on them, they do not have to be us.  However, other web designer may not work on sites we have built.